Sem2 W5: Tutorial

Tutorial with Mervin (Saturday, 10 Dec, 11AM at MMLab 1)

Notes of discussion:

  • Current problem: syncing of PC video and mobile video
  • Animation: 1 default scene=2 panel, 2 alternative scenes=1 panel each


Agreed actions:

  • Look into several possible methods to solve syncing problem:
    1.QR code
    2.Web socket
    3.Sound trigger
  • Animate and do video first to save time
  • For first WIP progress: Show 2 or 3 animation




Sem2 W3: Tutorial

Tutorial with Mervin (Saturday, 19 Nov, 11AM at MMLab 1)

Notes of discussion:

  • Technology / Execution method
  • Feasibility of project
  • Animation
  • UX


Agreed actions:

  • Execution: 1 responsive website (fits on PC and mobile)
  • Allow users to place phone on screen for different outcomes
  • Use Adobe flash for animation
  • Complicated tech doesn’t necessarily mean good UX. Find the best solution for your project.
  • Make sure PC screen is big enough for a visually driven project like this.
  • Don’t forget welcome + instruction screen

W7: Tutorial

Tutorial with Mervin (10.30AM at MMLab 1) 

Notes of discussion:

  • Main intention of the project – Allowing people to contribute their OWN ideas based on a narrative / story line
  • Inspiration relevance


Agreed Actions:

  • Form a clearer outline of the project. Why do you want to use this method?
  • Continue refining and elaborate on the interpretation
  • Find solid inspiration / references (e.g.: Life In A Day)

W6: Tutorial

After doing several research on collaborative action, I’ve decided to narrow my scope down to the exquisite corpse. This means my project will be heavily influenced by this method and it can be understood clearly through the experience of the project.

Tutorial with Mervin (10.20AM at MM Lab 1)

Notes of Discussion:

  • Inspiration – the exquisite corpse, surrealism
  • Main topic / message
  • Collaboration

Agreed Actions:

  • Narrow the scope and find a solid topic that you want to express through this project.
  • E-mail Mervin once the topic is chosen
  • Re-do Statement of Intent

W3: Tutorial

My first specialist tutorial session with Mervin took place on 4 June 2016 (at Sunway Pyramid). I had an idea in mind which I wanted to discuss. This idea revolves around charity and interactive murals. How are they supposed to link together and what was the best execution method?

Areas of discussion:

  • Charity – is donation crucial in this project? Will it be too risky?
  • How can we bring a digital mural to a physical space?
  • What are users supposed to paint on the digital mural?

He gave me certain insights on charities and some other websites which includes real-time technology. The idea was to collaborate on a piece of artwork that would become a printed art piece to showcase at a refugee center. This art piece would represent each person’s pledge and contribution towards this organization.

The next posts will be a further research and discussion on the execution method of using interactive murals.