Music inspiration

Since my project will be an online platform which creates multiplayer interactive music videos, I would need at least one song in order to demonstrate. In this case, I’ll be using James TW’s “When You Love Someone” as the first music video I’ll be creating on this web platform. As there may be copyright concerns regarding the music choice, I might re-create a cover version of this song for the final product.

James TW – When You Love Someone

Similar to Jeff Buckley’s interactive music video for “Just Like A Woman”, this will be like a cover but in the form of an interactive video. I figured since it’s my final degree project, I would do something that’s related to my interest in music. Thus the intention of creating this music video.

Another inspiration that I’ve found recently to my project is this one right here:

Pearl is an interactive music video which allows users to experience the story of growing up through a 360 view from the inside of a car. It has a similar theme towards the direction I’m headed, except instead of just a 360 view, I want my users to experience more than that and take control of the narrative.