Soundtrack: Updates


Since the user-test session, I’ve re-recorded the soundtrack for the interactive music video and re-edited it from scratch. I had some difficulties removing the background noise from the previous recording, which is why I decided to re-record it again. This time, I removed the drums and put the emphasis on the vocals and acoustic guitar. This gave it a more bare, intimate and acoustic vibe.


Soundtrack – The progress of writing, recording and mixing

Since the proposal of the interactive music video, I’ve always wanted to produce the soundtrack myself even though that was not the main point of this project. I wanted to create the entire project from scratch in order to have a sense of independence and pride to own an artifact made completely by my own hands.

That choice certainly wasn’t easy. I took about 1-2 weeks to write the soundtrack, and COUNTLESS of times recording it. And after all that, I’ve only produced a draft. But hey, it’s still a progress after all.


Screenshot of the sound editing progress of the first draft on Adobe Audition

To be honest, it’s a pretty simple song, but what I like about it is that different people can interpret it differently. The song talks about meeting someone and falling in love, and probably meeting them again in a different season of their lives later on. Looking back, the song feels like it was written by the character in the music video who’ve already went through all the emotional trajectory of being in and out of a relationship. But like I said, different people might interpret it differently. Having some elements of uncertainty, while feeling assured that things will work out eventually gives people (or me, at least) a hope to strive and believe a little bit more.

There’s still a lot that needs to be done in terms of recording and mixing, so I’ll be giving myself 3 weeks max to re-record and finalize the track. In the mean time, I’ve posted the chords, lyrics and the draft preview: