User-testing analysis

After reviewing all the 7 feedback forms that I have collected, I noticed there was a pattern and similarity in the users’ reactions.

  •  Visuals: Majority of them enjoyed it and gave it a 3 or 4 out of 5 rating. It was pleasing for them in terms of color and tones.
  • Tech: The animations in both scenes did not match up and the video kept looking
  • 7/7 testers did not realize that certain pages allow them to scroll down because the indicator was not clear enough.
  • The story line is simple and majority of testers did not fully understand the narrative.
  • The dragging interaction was certainly intriguing for all 7 testers as they played around with it throughout the experience.
  • The impact of the project was not strong enough and did not leave a very lasting impression on the users.


Through these feedback and comments, I can conclude that there are several areas that need further improvement and minor adjustments.

  • Visuals: I will continue to refine and add more details to the entire animation.
  • Tech: The synchronization of the animations must be the same so that it can flow smoothly together.
  • Instructions: Most users did not realize how to interactive with the project at first so indication is very important.
  • Narrative: Instead of having one story throughout the whole music video, I’ll be adding scenes from a few different characters to create a greater impact.
  • Audio: The soundtrack will be re-recorded to boost the quality of the entire project.



User-Testing (13 Jan 2017)

We had our first user-testing on 13 Jan 2017 at Baseroom, Block J. This would be the first time I’d be testing my project since creating it, and we’re required to have at least 6 user testers. This time, we had our juniors from Level 4 come in to go through our project and provide some honest feedback so that we can further improve from here.

Before the user-testing session began, I printed out several sheets of consent forms and feedback questionnaires for my users. The consent form, introduced by our lecturer Sweii, is to help the users understand and agree with the activity that we’re doing; which is collecting feedback from them in order to assist in subsequent analysis of the user testing.

The overall session went smoothly, and I conducted 7 user-testings in total.

In the next post, I will be analyzing and making conclusions of the feedback forms that were collected in order to further improve my project.


PPM Assessment Feedback

I’ve went through the PPM Assessment Feedback recently and here are some of my responses and things to do with the time I have left.

In the assessment document, there were certain questions and concerns regarding my project. So I thought I’d respond here;

1. Technical Objective: While it is perfectly to explore a multiplayer experience for a music video, what are the strong reasoning behind the implementation? Apart that existing media does not use this method? Shouldn’t it be that music enjoyment are an “individual” activity? With multiplayer input, what do you plan to achieve?

As stated in my prospectus document, the goal of this project is to allow users to witness the different outcomes of a story-line when they are collaborated with another player. Apart from that, a multiplayer function would allow both players to experience the music video together and create a unique journey of their own. Because the scenario changes depending on each player’s decisions, this project encourages two individuals to bond through the interactivity of a multiplayer music video.

2. Mock-up: It is hard to for stakeholders that you present to make any decision if there is lack of vision on how your project would look like. At least a key visual would help to set the tone and manner for the project.

I do agree on this particular feedback because I realized I had all the ideas in my head but I did not clearly visualize it and draw out a detailed plan for the project. This is something I would definitely take note of and include in my refined prospectus document.

3. Story/Narrative/Storyboard: While most content of the prospectus highlights on the inspiration and technical details, there is little mention on how you would want the story-line to pan out, and if it suits the shortlisted song.

This is another flaw I had in my presentation, which I’m glad it was pointed out. During the time, I was not sure yet of my chosen soundtrack, which is why I couldn’t plan out the story-line of the music video. This is something that I will include soon in the following blog posts. I will not be including it in my refined prospectus as it is quite possible that the story might change from time to time.

4. Flowchart: Together with the storyline, user interaction (scenario) flowchart are required for you to plan ahead if there are open ended scenarios that you need to cover. Since there are input from different users, how many endings/permutations that you plan to have?

I understand that flowcharts are an integral part of the project planning process. I may have missed it out during the initial planning stages, but I will definitely include a flowchart according to my new plan. Similar to the narrative, I will be updating the flowchart in the upcoming blog posts.

5. Post interaction: There is a brief mention that the User-Generated-Content (UGC) can be shared, will there be a gallery? How do you plan to store the information for retrieval?

This part of the project is still under consideration because I’m not sure if its feasible to create a shared user-generated content category for the website. I will definitely try my best to include a “share to social media” option but the gallery page might not make the cut as it’s quite unnecessary and it’ll be difficult to control when many users submit their work in.

6. Promotional Strategy: What are your strategy in promoting your project? And how many submissions that you expect from the public? What do you plan to do with the submissions post campaign?

Since the project has been scaled down to just focusing on one music video, the promotional strategy would be to showcase my interactive music video to the local music scene or local recording / production companies in order to express my creativity in uniquely combining music, art and technology.