User-testing analysis

After reviewing all the 7 feedback forms that I have collected, I noticed there was a pattern and similarity in the users’ reactions.

  •  Visuals: Majority of them enjoyed it and gave it a 3 or 4 out of 5 rating. It was pleasing for them in terms of color and tones.
  • Tech: The animations in both scenes did not match up and the video kept looking
  • 7/7 testers did not realize that certain pages allow them to scroll down because the indicator was not clear enough.
  • The story line is simple and majority of testers did not fully understand the narrative.
  • The dragging interaction was certainly intriguing for all 7 testers as they played around with it throughout the experience.
  • The impact of the project was not strong enough and did not leave a very lasting impression on the users.


Through these feedback and comments, I can conclude that there are several areas that need further improvement and minor adjustments.

  • Visuals: I will continue to refine and add more details to the entire animation.
  • Tech: The synchronization of the animations must be the same so that it can flow smoothly together.
  • Instructions: Most users did not realize how to interactive with the project at first so indication is very important.
  • Narrative: Instead of having one story throughout the whole music video, I’ll be adding scenes from a few different characters to create a greater impact.
  • Audio: The soundtrack will be re-recorded to boost the quality of the entire project.



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