W8: change in execution method

To be frank, I have been struggling with the tech part of my project for the longest time. Due to the complications with cross-platform technology such as Node.js, it was a real challenge for me to overcome. I didn’t want to waste my time any further as I’m already in week 8; with only about a month left to submission. I had to make a decision.

I decided to take away the mobile input of the project and just stick with the web execution method. Meaning, whatever interactions will only happen on the screen. This way, I can focus more on the visuals of the project and not get too caught up figuring out the technical errors that are constantly occurring.

This change in execution method slightly affects the perspective of the whole project direction in general. But the foundation still remains – to allow users to experience a story from various perspective, which grew from the roots of remix and exquisite corpse.

I truly hope that in the span of 1 month, I’ll be able to perfect this project and provide a well-finished interactive music video that is able to touch my viewers emotionally.

We’re almost there!


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