W8: WIP Progress Check

Last week (14 Dec 2016), I was unable to attend the WIP check with some of my classmates. So this week (22 Dec 2016), a few of us will be having our first WIP check for this project.

For the first check point, my progress should be about 50% as expected. Here are some of the items that will be shown during the WIP progress check:

  • 3 animated scenes for the video
  • 4 pages on website: – landing page / instructions / main pc page / mobile page
  • soundtrack: draft


Although it is mentioned in the gantt chart that all animations should be done by now, there were some slight changes which resulted in a delay. Because of that, my Alpha test will take place during our study break (24 dec 2016 – 2 Jan 2017) with 5 user testers, that will be recorded on this blog later on.



Sem2 W5: Tutorial

Tutorial with Mervin (Saturday, 10 Dec, 11AM at MMLab 1)

Notes of discussion:

  • Current problem: syncing of PC video and mobile video
  • Animation: 1 default scene=2 panel, 2 alternative scenes=1 panel each


Agreed actions:

  • Look into several possible methods to solve syncing problem:
    1.QR code
    2.Web socket
    3.Sound trigger
  • Animate and do video first to save time
  • For first WIP progress: Show 2 or 3 animation