Character Design


My initial character design was based on the illustration I’ve done for the draft poster (as seen in the image above). But after a while, I refined the colors, design and the overall feel of both the main characters.

Currently still in the work-in-progress stage at the moment for these characters. In the midst of refining them, I’m also designing the backdrops for the animation. Even though I’m currently in week 5 and should be almost done with all the animations by now, I’ve decided to spend more time refining the visuals as my project has moved to a more visually driven direction, leaving more time to produce the responsive website as compared to a cross-platform project that requires more coding.

I’ll be giving myself this week (28 nov – 4 dec) to finish up the first draft of visuals, and start coding the responsive website as well.

Things to do (week 5):

  • Finish storyboard draft
  • Re-record soundtrack

Sem2 W3: Tutorial

Tutorial with Mervin (Saturday, 19 Nov, 11AM at MMLab 1)

Notes of discussion:

  • Technology / Execution method
  • Feasibility of project
  • Animation
  • UX


Agreed actions:

  • Execution: 1 responsive website (fits on PC and mobile)
  • Allow users to place phone on screen for different outcomes
  • Use Adobe flash for animation
  • Complicated tech doesn’t necessarily mean good UX. Find the best solution for your project.
  • Make sure PC screen is big enough for a visually driven project like this.
  • Don’t forget welcome + instruction screen

Equipment List / Floor Plan


As you can tell from the image above, there will be ONE PC screen which has a split video, and each player controls their side of the video with a phone which will be provided.
What they are able to control is the different types of scenarios happening at one place. (Example: At the dinner table – option 1: fighting / option 2: chatting / option 3: ignoring) I’ll elaborate further on the storyboard after I’ve done drawing them.

For the setup, here is a rough equipment list:

1 PC set
2 android phones
2 headphones
1 wireless mouse
2 chairs

Not confirmed:
props – vinyl cover
deco – fairy lights
table cloths (matching colors)

Floor Plan