Tech research + more refinements

After looking at multiple ways to execute this multiplayer project using and Node.js, I’ve learnt that it would be easier for both players to be looking at the same graphics appearing on screen rather than having commands like “pick a route” while the other player waits. It avoids confusion for the other player waiting for their friend to “make a decision”. So here are some further adjustments I’ve made in order to fit with a more realistic execution plan:

  1. Both players will be looking at the same screen.
  2. They will use their phones to control the graphics appearing on screen. (eg. colors, scenery, actions).
  3. The visuals remain as a split screen so they can see how the “exquisite corpse” method forms when two players pick different scenes.

IF only one player is connected to the server, then he/she is only able to switch the scenes for the first panel:


Pretty much like what we see in Jeff Buckley’s interactive music video, but instead of clicking on the panels, users will be using their phones to switch scenes in the panels. This allows them to see the different scenarios that could happen at one place such as the image below:


The underlying technology behind this mainly consists of Node.js and This tutorial: teaches us how to build a game using these technologies and the 3 platforms which I will be using (2 phones, 1 PC).

The architecture:

According to several researches, there are two types of multiplayer functions.

Client – Server – Client (which is what we’ll be doing)


Client – Client (this is rather straightforward and it does not require a feedback from the server)


The image above was taken from the tutorial website. It shows us how the architectural framework and the roles of, Node.js and Express.js in this multiplayer project.

I’ll be researching more on the technology and try to code a prototype before executing the actual project.


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