Since the semester break started, I’ve been experimenting with different music styles and genres. Discovering new ways to produce the soundtrack also led to refining the project itself. Instead of creating a community which encourages other artists to collaborate in a music video platform (which is rather difficult to control because it involves public contribution), I’ve decided to switch the focus of the website to just ONE soundtrack and put all the attention on that instead.

Since the soundtrack will be an originally-written piece, alongside with the animated music video created from scratch – this project will showcase my works as a designer and a musician. Besides that, users will still be able to experience the project as a multiplayer interactive music video as it encourages the unique journey that two individuals can create together.

With this new direction, the project would be scaled down and thus making it more feasible. Because of this change, I would have to refine certain things in the prospectus document in order to keep the project on track and provide a clearer direction.

Things to do:

  • Go through PPM Assessment feedback and respond to the questions and concerns.
  • Refine the prospectus document

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