Further idea refinement

Through the past weeks, I have further refined the project idea, aim, and execution of the interactive music video. I figured instead of creating a single user experience, why not TWO players? Since the Exquisite Corpse method did started out with two players, passing on a folded paper to contribute their ideas until they achieved different and random outcomes. To minimize the risks and challenges, it’s ALMOST impossible for my project to be too random, because it’s difficult to maintain quality control. Who knows what users will draw or write if they have that kind of freedom?


I’ve decided to re-think the objective of the project and how I could apply a multiplayer function into an interactive music video. And what’s the main intention behind it?

Well, mainly, it’s to extend the possibilities of interactive music videos. Since most ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ interactive videos online nowadays consists of only one user, this project will explore different ways of implementing interactivity in everyday music videos in order to further enhance the music experience.

So here is the updated & refined version of my project in a nutshell:


About this project
Inspired by the Exquisite Corpse method – a surrealist game invented by French artists back in the early 20th century, where words or visuals are collectively assembled by various collaborators and put together to achieve different types of outcomes, this final degree project will imitate the structure of an Exquisite Corpse game, but produced in the form of an interactive music video.

Project aims
The main goal of this project is to allow users to witness the different outcomes of a story line when they are collaborated with another player. It emphasizes on working together as the first player’s decisions affects the second player and vice versa.

Project Title: Exquiscenes

Project Genre: Entertainment

Format: This project will involve an interactive video displayed on an online platform



That is all for now! Will update everything else in the Prospectus document 🙂


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