Idea Development W7: Updated SOI

After several stages of research and refinement, I have decided to update the Statement of Intent (SOI) document with all the updated details of my project.

The big idea I started out with was a collaboration project, which led to the research of the exquisite corpse, and frame-by-frame animations. Through these findings, I realized that each contributor has a different perspective and idea of the frames they were given to draw. So, I’ve decided to look at it from the perspective of music videos and the purpose behind them.


The progress that I’ve done so far is scoping down and fixing on the type of project that I want to produce based on collaborative action.

The key idea of my project is to allow the targeted audience to contribute their ideas and imagination to a collaborative music video based on their own perspective, and turn them into a frame-by-frame animation. These contributed frames will be collected and compiled prior to the release of the music video. After the video has been compiled, viewers are able to switch “scenes” of the music video by clicking or tapping on it.

rough sketch_ppm

There will always be an evident relationship between the visuals and the music, however these visuals will differ depending on the perspective, imagination and ideologies of the producer. The main purpose of the interactive music video is to give a sense of freedom to the targeted audience to express their imagination while allowing them to gain insight on how other people perceives the visuals in the music video as well.




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