Issues regarding development process

Certain issues regarding the development process of this module have surfaced throughout these few weeks, and I hate to admit that I’m quite far behind on schedule for this module, but certainly, I will do whatever I can to speed up this process. The issues that I have faced are indecisiveness of choosing a topic, lack of research and proper time-management.

I could not find a suitable way to bridge the organization that I wanted to work with and the usage of interactive murals, it took me weeks to finally realize that my mind had been so clouded on trying to force a contribution / collaboration project with the execution method that I couldn’t properly link them together.

My tutorial session with our module lecturer Sweii (23rd June 2016) has also made me realize that my lack of research on these topics heavily affected the development process. She mentioned that I did not have enough on my hands therefore I do not have any options to work with. This was a real problem that I needed to solve ASAP.

Thus, I have made some decisions to ease the research process and help me work towards a better pathway for my final project:

Cancel out any forms of execution method and just focus on the big idea that I wanted to start with:

  • Organization: Refugee charity
  • Execution Method: Interactive Mural
  • Key Idea: Collaboration

The main part of this project will be focused on the idea of collaboration and bringing people together, that’s the big idea. Now I have to think about the group of people that I want to address, what is the topic that I want to use to bring people together, what is the best possible way to share this message.

The next few weeks will be nothing but challenges after challenges, but the time is ticking and I REALLY have to take things up a notch in order to catch up to the planned schedule. Students make mistakes, and unfortunately, I have been stuck at a dreadful stage. I can’t change my beginnings but I can decide my ending. I will be putting an extra effort in researching, brainstorming and refining this idea in order to bring about the best execution method for my final project.



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