Research: Interactive Murals

A mural is a piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall or a large surface. It became more popular after the Mexican muralism movement back in 1920s, and since then, it is seen everywhere and comes in all types of art styles.

Interactive murals however, is something relatively new. Below are some interesting videos that I’ve found on interactive murals.

In 2010, the China Pavilion hosted one of the most popular, immersive and interactive digital displays during the Shanghai Expo.

Something rather similar to an interactive mural, this is a digital tapestry:


Besides that, Re+Public created an augmented reality urban mural on the Moto Museum wall in St. Louis:

The combination of analogue and digital media has always been intriguing to me. The project done by Luma plays around with projection art and doodles, which is something that I want to incorporate into my final project.


Crystal CG. (2011). China Pavilion – Digital Tapestry – Shanghai Expo. [online] Vimeo. Available at:

The Heavy Projects. (2013). Moto wall interactive mural. [online] Vimeo. Available at:

Luma. (2012). Luma create digital mural with champion doodler Luke Embden. [online] Vimeo. Available:


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