W3: Tutorial

My first specialist tutorial session with Mervin took place on 4 June 2016 (at Sunway Pyramid). I had an idea in mind which I wanted to discuss. This idea revolves around charity and interactive murals. How are they supposed to link together and what was the best execution method?

Areas of discussion:

  • Charity – is donation crucial in this project? Will it be too risky?
  • How can we bring a digital mural to a physical space?
  • What are users supposed to paint on the digital mural?

He gave me certain insights on charities and some other websites which includes real-time technology. The idea was to collaborate on a piece of artwork that would become a printed art piece to showcase at a refugee center. This art piece would represent each person’s pledge and contribution towards this organization.

The next posts will be a further research and discussion on the execution method of using interactive murals.




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