The Big Picture

Start with a great purpose…

is what I was told when planning a new project. This time, it’s our final year degree project. Throughout the next few months, this blog will be dedicated to drafting, researching and planning for my final project.

I must admit I’m slightly off schedule in starting this blog due to indecisiveness in choosing the right topic.

But anyway, here are a few of the topics that were chosen in the first few weeks of brainstorming:

  1. An installation for sexual assult victims
  2. An installation for Charity – Refugees
  3. A Collaborative Project

Through several phases of research and consultations with lecturers, I have decided that I want to my project to be a voice for the people, whether young or old, to come together and collaborate on an art project using digital media.

The issue that I want to address?

Many people are often afraid to voice out or express themselves due to pressure from society, culture, family backgrounds, religion, politics etc.

How does the project help?

Allows anonymous contribution from people everywhere to play a part in an interactive mural so they do not have to be there physically, it is accessible to anyone.

Below is a statement document for this project:

UPDATED Yap Qian Yi_14122723_Statement2




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